The #AuthorPhone has been ringing…

Competition Update – Sept 2018

Thank you to everyone who texted MJD Publishing!

My Author Phone has been buzzing and there have been some great questions to answer so far. Here are a few of them, all of which will be entered into the quarterly competition.


Q: Where do you write and why

Mainly, I write whilst sitting in my usual window seat at Costa Coffee in Manchester or, if not, any coffee shop that does a decent latte. I find that writing in such places relaxes my day to day distractions and helps me concentrate. That’s why I make a point of not writing at home … way too much personal dissipation going on.


Q: What inspires you?

Without wanting to sound like a cliche, the world and the people in it. There are so many great characters and so many stories to be told, it’s like an endless supply of plots.

Take George Alexander Bell for example. Had it not been for him and his incredible story then my novel, George: A Gentleman of the Road, would never have been written.


Q: How do you decide on a character’s name?

Sometimes it’s inspired by people I know, sometimes it just comes to me though a lot of the time, a character’s name is based on research. In my novel Absolution for example, the main protagonist, Jada Artolli was created by researching popular names pertinent to his ethnicity and the era in which the story was set.


Q: Do you ever get upset or emotional with what you are writing?

Yes, very much so. If my writing involves the death of a character that I like or if I am writing a part of the book that is tense or sad, it is impossible not to become upset or angry or happy. It is this emotional connection that serves to bring out a realism to the content that I write and hopefully, immerse the reader.


Thanks to everyone who has texted me on my Author Phone so far. The competition continues – with the first winner of the quarterly paperback prize to be drawn in November – so keep those questions coming in.

And for those who don’t wish to text I have now opened up the Guestbook on my website so you can ask your question there.

Just pop over to and fire away.

Thanks for getting involved and good luck.


Best wishes.



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