Let me

Let me. Let me run for the hillsand hide me away. Just leave behind,all the world for a dayLet me bury my head,close my eyes to the view.Cover my ears,from […]

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The battle

The Battle. Once again the dark’s crept in,to start a fight I barely win.Ambushed by this callous foe,that holds on tight and won’t let go. Why does this lurk inside […]

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I am Conscience

This particular poem (also given in Russian) is dedicated to the people of Ukraine, yet is directed towards the Russian frontline soldiers. Entitled:I am Conscience. Why this needless, senseless war?What […]

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A poem dedicated to International Women’s Day simply entitled. Woman. A delicate rose. A hawthorn tree. A gentle breeze,or a tsunami. Timid and gentle. Fiery and loud. A blue summer […]

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Inside the dun

Inside the dun. If I could have a penny,for every time I’ve cried,o’er things that made no real sense,I’d be a wealthy guy.If I could gain a happy thought,each hundredth […]

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Sing a song

A short poem written in light of the terrible events occurring in Ukraine, entitled:Sing a song. Sing a song of discord, a battle in the East. Four and twenty nations,sanctions […]

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