The Gallery

The official photo and video gallery of P. A. Davies.

Random photos and videos taken by – and of – the storyteller and poet, both at home and abroad.


Photographs are memories and memories are everything. Life is a beautiful thing and – as any photographer will tell you – it should be captured and treasured for continued pleasure.

This is why the official photo and video gallery of P.A.Davies has been launched. Not because he professes to be the best photographer in the world but because it is a way to see what the author sees and share his experiences of life’s “moments” through his camera lens.

There have also been random snaps taken of Davies which have been shared as a tribute to those who have taken the time to capture him at work or play.


Welcome then, to the gallery of P.A.Davies.


P.A.Davies plotting his next novel?


More Photos


Watch the official  promotional videos for books by P.A.Davies.

*Please note: Clicking on each book cover will open the relevant video via YouTube

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