What is the last thing you learned?

It is said that money can’t buy you happiness but if there is one thing I’ve learnt of late is that, yes it can!

In the not too distant past, banks and other financial institutions made it incredibly easy for people to borrow money; even those that couldn’t really afford it. This in turn increased household debt exponentially and – coupled with the ever-increasing cost of living – has caused people to suffer the debilitating symptoms of depression and mental health problems as they fail to find ways out of their financial struggles.

I challenge anybody that has found themselves in this situation to tell me that they WOULDN’T be happy if they won the jackpot lottery and thus end their strife.

In fact, I would further that challenge of denial to anyone – whatever their circumstances.

Having the ability and the means to buy what you need AND what you want – whenever you need or want something – must create a sense of joy that only money can buy.

Maybe I’m wrong but, as a man who has to watch his pennies in order to save the pounds, I’m guessing there are a lot of people who think the same way?



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