Rock & Roll

What time do you go to bed and wake up currently?

I remember the times when going to bed, way after 2am, was par for the course: when heading out to a nightclub after 10pm was the norm. As a man in my twenties, I was full of beans and sleep was the last thing on my mind … unless you count the ridiculous amount of hours lay in my pit, the day after the night before.

Fast forward thirty plus years and I find myself being out of sorts if I stay up later than 10pm at night: when hitting the 10:30pm mark feels like a real “rock & roll” lifestyle.

The bottom line here is that – at 58 – I love my bed and getting into it, listening to the creaking joints of my body that the day has produced, gives me peace. It has become a haven. A place of tranquility and comfort that isn’t subject to the overbearing thud of a nightclub or the incoherent background noise of a public house.

As for waking up in the morning?

Well. I will probably rise at around 7am – another bonus of going to bed early – and be ready to embrace what the day has to offer. That gives me around 15 hours to see, feel and breathe life – a concept that was lacking in my twenties.

So there you have it. Early to bed, early to rise as my grandma used to say. A phrase one doesn’t truly understand or appreciate until you reach the age when you believe that nightclubs and raves are for the young.

P. A. Davies.


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