The Year That Was – The Year That Will Be


On 1st January 2017, I lay down my plans for the year ahead, excited by what I thought – what I hoped – I could achieve.

Today – Monday 1st January 2018 – I sit here wondering where on Earth the last year has gone and why it appears to have left me, and my aspirations, back at the beginning of last year?

365 days of my life have somehow been lost in a series of unfortunate and unavoidable events and I felt massively disheartened by all the things I haven’t been able to achieve, by all the opportunities lost and by all the times I’ve been forced to say no, when all I wanted to scream was, YES!

Given the way things have gone, I couldn’t help but think – with that toxic foreboding of assumption – that 2018 would be exactly the same as it’s predecessor!

Great … Yaay … Hoorah … Happy same-old-same-old!

But then, I considered this.

Did I intend to sit here – dwelling on the bad times of 2017 – and let that negative ether follow me through into 2018, or do I bring to mind, and build upon, the good times?

“Were there any?” My Doubting Thomas of a subconscious asks.

Well, on the face of it I thought not if I’m being honest … but here’s the thing.

If I add up the scores of relativity for each event listed under the banners of good and bad periods in 2017 – and believe me, I have done – it becomes blindingly apparent that the good times actually – and massively – outweighed the bad.
Yes, I’ve had a long period of ill health but have I died? … No.
Have I lost loved ones? … No.
Have all the problems I have encountered led me to become destitute, no longer with a home, employment, money or food? … No sir, they have not!

What has happened is that I have seen many of my friends become first time mothers and fathers, bringing beautiful new lives into the world. I have witnessed others face the dread of cancer, battle it head-on with amazing courage and dignity and beat the crap out of it. I have connected with some new and amazing people around the world and have been shown nothing but love, encouragement and patience by my close friends. I’ve had my 5th book published and I have one of my books being turned into a film.

Most importantly of all (to me anyway), I have been able to witness my daughter, bloom into a beautiful young adult and continue to make me proud. I have shared her ups and her downs, her laughter and her tears and thanked – on a daily basis and with all my heart – whichever deity has blessed her with good health, a kind heart and, kept her safe.

And now that I’ve looked at the bigger picture, I will not scorn 2017 but treat it as a learning curve for the future. I will also welcome 2018 with open arms and a positive mindset, striving to move onwards and upwards; I sincerely hope that everyone who reads this post will have – or find – the strength to do the same too.

To my family, my friends – from here in the UK and around the globe – and to all those who have shown magnificent support in one way or another – be it personally or for my writing endeavours – I wish you a very happy, a very healthy and a most prosperous New Year.

May the good times spectacularly trounce the bad.

Love and best wishes.




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