A pause for poetry

A pause for poetry. A collection of poems written by P.A.Davies
A pause for poetry


Published: Nov 2021
Pages: 129
Publisher: MJD Publishing
ISBN: 979-8756575637 (paperback)

Asides from writing novels, P.A.Davies also has a keen interest in penning poems and – over the years – has amassed quite a few.

After reading some of the poems posted on various social media sites, readers, followers and friends of the author asked him to publish them in a book. And so, taking a break from writing his seventh novel, he did just that.

“I was so overwhelmed by requests to put my poems into book form, I couldn’t really say no. I didn’t realise that they were liked so much. I certainly believe that there is a new trend towards poetry again and it’s really encouraging and humbling to know that I am a part of this new wave of literary pleasure.” 

In this, his debut book of poems, Davies has put together a collection that not only reflect his thoughts and feelings on the world around us, but shows us an insight to his inner thoughts and emotions whilst battling with depression.

Honest, open and written from the heart of the author.



“A wonderfully precise book of poetry that resonates with me completely. A definite recommend.”

Anna Blackley

“A must have read for anyone who – like me – love poetry, especially when it’s written with such a personal touch.”

Rod Maxwell. Radio Alty



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