Poems: A-Z Index

Index of poems Index of poems by P.A.Davies

A – L

A change of mind

Beatitudes of Literature, the

Critic With A Heart, the

Diminishing Blue Line, the

Disingenuous Ones, the

Do You?


Impartation, the

Life & Times Of A Television, the

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M – Q

M People

Madame Moon

Manchester Bee, the

Market Street – Manchester

Meaning of Life, the

Me at Fifty

Me, Myself and I

Memories Of You

Mirror Mirror

My Day in Blackpool

My Friends

Ode To Life, an

Night Garden

No More Miracles 

Ode To War, an


R – Z

Remembering the ’70s

Salesman, the

Some Days…


This Town

Through My Eyes


Tree of Life, The

Up On My Wall

Visions Of A Sinner


Was I Wrong?

What I’ll Do For You

When? A Poem of Realisation

When Sunday was Sunday

Wind, the


With Love From