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The Tale of Edith Rose Maye.

“I have read all of Paul’s books. This one is a different read to his others but just as good.

As I have come to expect from Paul’s books, there were twists and turns throughout the story. It’s such a heartwarming tale that will have your heart smiling, but your eyes crying at the same time. I found it emotional but in a good way.

I read the book in just a couple of days. Life got in the way of me reading it quicker!

I highly recommend this book.” – SueMC – Amazon review.


“The Tale of Edith Rose Maye” is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. Set in the cozy confines of a modest home, Edith Rose Maye reminisces over her morning tea, her late husband Stanley a comforting presence by her side. Together, they traverse the landscape of their shared memories, from the joys of laughter to the depths of sorrow.

Through the skillful prose of the author, readers are transported into the heart of Edith’s world, where every moment is imbued with emotion and significance. The story unfolds with a gentle grace, inviting readers to experience the full spectrum of life’s trials and triumphs alongside Edith.

What makes this narrative truly captivating is its ability to transcend time, resonating with readers on a deeply personal level. As Edith’s journey unfolds, so too does our understanding of the human experience, reminding us of the resilience that lies within each of us.

Long after the final page is turned, the memory of Edith Rose Maye and her unwavering spirit lingers in the hearts of readers, serving as a testament to the enduring power of love and the indomitable nature of the human soul.” – Jayne – Amazon review. 



“When I first started reading Absolution I was immediately gripped by the impression of Sudan and of the descriptions of both the landscape and the wars raging across the region. It made for very compelling reading.. This was a really good read. I quickly became invested in the characters, particularly Jada who show true nerve and resolve to try and find his sister against all odds.” – Jen Med’s Book Review.


Absolution  jaw-droppingly surprised me so much and really pushed me out my usuals reading comfort zone. I could rave about this book all night. Give it a chance and prepare to go on a spellbinding journey thanks to an author I am now fascinated with. My mind if officially blown and has certainly opened my eyes to this new avenue of reading. An exceptional story that is  one of my top reads of the year to date. It’s not for the faint-hearted and the author has warnings about the darker aspects, but for me, what makes me all the more passionate about it, is the horror that lies in the historical horror of it all. It just left me speechless.” – Lady Living in Bookland review.


Nobody Heard Me Cry

“Superb book, brilliantly written! The detailed descriptions of the characters and places throughout the story are so imaginable, you get drawn in from the very beginning and as like the rest of P A Davies novels, impossible to put down!” – Louise H – Amazon Review.


“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Truth IS definitely stranger than fiction. I started reading this book with great trepidation – due to the subject matter – and after the first couple of chapters I doubted that I would be able to complete all 564 pages, not because it isn’t brilliantly written but because of the number of F words in there! But, as with the last book I read by this author, I soon found myself organising my day around the book in order to make sure I had time to read at least a couple of chapters.It’s not a pretty story, that much is true but it delves deeply into the darker side of human nature and even has you empathising – at times – with some of the nastiest characters. In fact it actually shows some of life’s worst characters from a different perspective by telling their back stories which helps you to understand – but not condone – their behaviour.
Every single chapter leaves you wanting to know more. Other reviewers have said that this authour is ‘one to watch’ and I completely agree. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see his books made into films. Whenever you read one of his books you are left feeling that you know the characters, he is such a descriptive writer. As for the ending of the book, well I didn’t see it coming for one minute and he leaves it until the last page to reveal the answer to one of the ‘mysteries’ that he introduced early in the book. He is very skilled at keeping you on the edge of your seat!
There is also a very tender love story which builds throughout the book and although the two characters are a complete mismatch you find yourself willing them to have a happy ending.
Like one of the characters in the book, I don’t like ‘gutter language’ and the book is littered with it so I surprise myself when I say This is one of the best books I’ve ever read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes ‘Gritty’ true life stories.” –  Barbara Twyford – Amazon review.


An eye-opener into different cultures, morals and lifestyles. Characters that are so well developed, they could be/or are real. This novel is no predictable read, far from it. It will have your heart racing and you struggling to breathe. I love Davies’ gritty style of writing.” – Suzanne P. Hales – Amazon review.


The Good in Mister Philips

“This book is without doubt one of the best books I have read in years! I read a lot and had not heard of this author before but bravo. It is a very cleverly written book that had me engrossed in the first page. I read this book because after reading fifty Shades of gray I fancied a good read! This book blows it out of the water. It has the right amount of erotic writing that will stir the loins without going over the top And then actually has a story too! Its an intelligent plot with a fantastic twist about a man who if i say too much will give the game away. The writing about the police gives the story a great edge and i cannot wait to read the next book. 5 stars from me”Wendy Pyke – Amazon review.


Full of (erotic) thrills, suspense, murder and mystery. What more could you want in a book? The author had me hooked from the first page. It’s a gripping read and kept me guessing throughout as the twists and turns develop. So much so, I read the book over a few days as it has everything in it to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just loved it.”  –  Sarah R – Amazon review.


Wow what a book. I was hooked from the start. A must read for readers of all sorts of books as this one has romance, mystery, murder and much, much more. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It has the best ending of any book I have read.” – Tracey – GoodReads review.

George: A Gentleman of the Road

George is an almost immediately likeable character, feisty and quick-witted. His interaction with the story’s narrator is an entertaining mix of humour, sarcasm, and heartfelt emotion that keeps a reader turning the page. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” – Phoenix Matthews – Amazon Review.


“I picked up this book at 7pm and was reading the last chapter by midnight. I became so engrossed in George’s story I just couldn’t put it down. Well written and a must read I hope George is still alive and living a wonderful life. Can’t wait to watch the film version.”Trace – Amazon Review.


“Absolutely love the old, stubborn, strong yet vulnerable ‘gentleman of the road’ George who was willing to share his fascinating story with a total stranger – and I am absolutely thrilled to have heard it. Follow the life of the shy boy on the docks, not knowing what to expect of his maiden voyage and the ship’s remarkable captain Isaac. If there is anyone, apart from George, who came to life in this story it is Isaac and boy, what a big heart hides within that tough exterior. I loved the man and his moving tale.” – Bits about Books review.



Enjoyable, well-structured and well-written. As the storyline mixes between fact and fiction, you are introduced to the Conner family in such a passionate way that this gives you an understanding as to why like all wars nothing is as simple as it seems. It allows you to view both sides of the conflict and as hard as that is, it helps you to understand that negotiations and compromise rather than violence are always the most constructive way forward. Like the author I’m from Manchester myself and am pleased to say he has done the City proud.” – Alan Wagstaff – Amazon review.


“This is an excellent story – very well written and it really packed a punch bringing history to life. Five stars from me – very highly recommended – an excellent read!”Donna’s Book Blog review.


“The story begins with two old friends meeting up by chance just before the explosion, they have not seen each other for years. I was then taken back as these two characters as they grew up. Liam and Sean become best friends and I got to experience their childhood antics and the taunts towards Liam from other children. Liam’s family is a one of the father being away working a lot, with Liam not knowing exactly what his father does. This all changes one night and suddenly opens up a world that challenges everything Liam believes in.
The first part of the story is actually the main bulk of the book and deals with Liam, Sean and their lives. Then towards the end of the book is the shorter Part Two, and I got to learn a little bit about Liam’s sister. Even though she has been in the story, she is often only a brief mention, it is in this part of the story that I finally got to learn about her, and how events have affected her on a personal level. The often forgotten and older of the two siblings.
The story also incorporates little bits of history from the 1916 Easter Uprising against British rule in the Irish Republic, and the IRA. This gave a different perspective to the Manchester bombing. Though there are political reasons for why this happened, the author has not gone into the politics too much. He has kept the story about the friendship of two boys, about their family and also their belief.
The author, for me has done a wonderful job of setting out this story. I was hooked pretty quickly and as I was slowly drawn deeper in. I got a real sense of family and friendship from the lives of the boys. As they got older and events unfolded the speed gradually increased and I was flipping pages faster, it was if it had taken on an urgency as I turned the pages quicker.
The bombing is described and the author has in my opinion dealt with it well. I felt that he hadn’t over dramatised the event, but had shown a side of an event from the perspective of a characters personal point of view.
This is a book that I would definitely recommend to readers. It is an emotional, strong, fact based book.
I would also advise reading the Epilogue. I know many readers do this, but for those that don’t, you will find just a couple of pages of very interesting facts of Manchester before and also after the bombing.”Yvonne B – Amazon review.

I am Muslim

“The author deals with a difficult subject with a sensitive and realistic approach. Having grown up in Manchester I’ve seen the racism against the Muslim community firsthand and he conveys that expertly with obvious experience. In parallel he deals with the mental illness of an ex-soldier detailing the devastating effect of PTSD and the tragedy of how little our armed forces personnel can receive after leaving the service of their country. Whilst the final conclusion is shocking it demonstrates the deepening divide between communities.”Dom Auton – Amazon review.


“Paul, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed ‘I am Muslim’. I literally read it in one day while sitting on an East Sussex beach yesterday. Pre brain damage I would never have finished a book in a day and post damage finishing anything is a record. So reading that yesterday pretty much from start to finish was a great experience and must say something about the writing. I was gripped by the context, the characters and the little twists and turns it took.”Rod Maxwell – Amazon review.