I am Muslim

I am Muslim


On 22nd May 2017, the Arena of Manchester in the UK was subjected to the wrath of a suicide bombing: an unspeakable act of terrorism that went on to claim the lives of 22 innocent people.

In the aftermath of that terrible event, Mehmet Yilmaz – a 17 year old Turkish Muslim living in Manchester- found himself confronted by the anger and hate of ignorance. 

For his best friend Kyle Roberts – who had lost his mother in the attack and seen his sister left disabled –  the race was on to prevent Mehmet from becoming the 23rd victim. 


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* Footnote by P.A.Davies *

“This book is dedicated to the 22 people who needlessly lost their lives as a result of this tragic event and to all their respective families who have felt the pain and trauma of loss. There are no words to convey my sorrow nor will I ever be able to comprehend why such acts of violence are carried out: not just in Manchester but the whole world over. May the victims of all atrocities rest in peace and may their families find solace in the healing of time. God bless you.” P.A.Davies.

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