George: A Gentleman of the Road

George: A gentleman of the road

An author and a homeless guy, what do they have in common? Not much, until eighty-year-old George reveals his fascinating and heartwarming life story

It is said that you should never judge a book by its cover, yet the moment I laid eyes on George, that’s exactly what I did!

And as I watched the aged member of Manchester’s homeless fraternity, walking slowly along the street, hoping to collect enough spare change in his dirty and tattered polystyrene cup to fund his next meal, I couldn’t help but think to myself … How do I possibly avoid giving this scruffy looking man any of my hard earned cash?

But in an unexpected turn of events and a surreal series of meetings, the man I had quickly pre-judged, revealed his extraordinary life.

Funny, sad and heartwarmingly bizarre. This is George’s story.

Published: Febr. 2013
Pages: 238
Publisher: MJD Publishing
ISBN: 978-0957263918 (paperback)
ASIN: B00C0HFNF8 (kindle)

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A quirky, compelling tale. George took me on a journey spanning the depths of a gritty underworld and the darker side of human nature, through to the warmth of true love. Humorous and witty throughout.”Amazon Reviewer

“Absolutely brilliant! I feel like I’ve lived a life time with George, definitely feel like Iived his lows and highs! A lot of laughs throughout the book, the last page offering a final chuckle, finishing it perfectly! Can see this being made into a film! Highly recommended!David Penney, GoodReads.


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