In the works

In the works

In the works is the new update page of P. A. Davies.

This page will contain news of any works in progress, upcoming releases and any other notable events relating to P.A.Davies.


In Brief.

1)  ** UPDATE**  The tale of Edith Rose Maye  ( the 7th novel by P.A.Davies) is now live and available to buy from Amazon

Read sample chapters for free here

2) A series of 3 children’s bedtime short-read stories is currently in the process of being produced for release set for October 2024

3) The 8th novel by P.A.Davies is now in the writing stage and due for release in the fourth quarter of 2024

Entitled “The Romanian” it is a fictional story set during the Yugoslavian wars and follows the path of an ex-Serbian sniper who – on leaving the corrupt military – becomes a highly paid assassin.

4) The Kindle version of  The tale of Edith Rose Maye is due for release on 1st August 2024.

Pre-order your copy here

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