The Good in Mister Philips


The Good in Mister Philips contains explicit sexual content  only suitable for 18+ 

A steamy detective novel filled with suspicion, intrigue and sex. A man leading two lives. A murder threatens to expose his secret…  

The Good in Mister Philips – One man. One secret. Two lives.

James Philips. A seemingly average man with a seemingly average life; a life that some people might even describe as boring.

Marcus Good. A male escort who specializes in providing a very explicit kind of service to women, whatever their needs.

But when two notable clients of Marcus Good are brutally murdered, James’ secret life is exposed, drawing him into a dark world of suspicion and intrigue.

A world where not everything is as it seems…

Published: Jan. 2014
Pages: 266
Publisher: MJD Publishing
ISBN: 978-0957263932 (paperback)
ASIN: 0957263932 (kindle)

The Good in Mister Philips is the third novel from P.A.Davies and was actually inspired by a TV writing competition started by presenter Lorraine Kelly who asked viewers to write a “steamy” novel. Jackie Collins was to judge the entries.

Unfortunately, the book wasn’t entered into the competition but – given the subsequent reviews – we have a feeling it may have done rather well.

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