My Day in Blackpool

My Day In Blackpool


I walked along the prom today

Saw donkeys on the sand

Candy floss and “kiss me quick”

And couples hand in hand.


Clowns on bikes, wax lookalikes

And kids with bats and balls

Horse and carts and body art

A million donut stalls.


The wind was cold the sun was bright

The sea its usual grey

And gliding down the golden mile

The trams did make their way.


The arcades buzzed with slot machines

A bingo caller whined

“Two fat ladies, eighty-eight!”

One more to get a line!


The fun fare spewed the sound of screams

And fumes of oil and sweat

An age old game where horses race

“Roll up and place your bets!”


The tower looms above the town

A sight for all to see

There’s Winter gardens, skating rinks

And yes, the Pleasure Beach.


And though my day is over now

It took me back a while

To family trips and happy times

Those memories make me smile


I’ve told you now about my day

Through the medium of rhyme

But one more thing I have to say

If you can spare the time?


That if, like me, you class this place

As full of crazy tack

There’s just one thing we can’t deny

It always draws us back!




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