What I’ll Do For You

Here’s what I’ll do for you

For my daughter 


The things I will do I have put into rhyme,

I hope that it’s clear from these few random lines?

It might not seem much but it’s part of a plan,

To show you my love in the best way I can.


I’ll hug and I’ll hold you, I’ll worry, I’ll cry,

I’ll be totally honest yet know when you lie.

I will paint you a picture, I’ll sing you a song,

I will tell you a story or say when you’re wrong.


I will shout, I will play, I will spend all my money,

I will laugh at your jokes when they’re not even funny.

I will guide you, advise you and tell you you can,

I will fight in your corner, ‘cause that’s who I am.


I will smile at your face when you’re not even there,

I’ll remember your voice and the smell of your hair.

I will die to protect you, will love and respect you,

‘cause this was my pledge from the day I first met you.


So now that you know all the things I will do,

I’ll end with this promise especially for you.

I’ll always be there through the good and the bad,

For you are my life,

With love,

From your Dad  XXX





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