A Christmas thought

A Christmas thought.

A Christmas thought

A Christmas thought


Christmas time it might be,
but spare a moment’s thought,
for those that might be on their own,
with no one who will call. 

Perhaps you have a neighbour,
that’s elderly, alone?
Who’s family, by some circumstance,
will not be coming home. 

And what about that good friend,
you haven’t seen a while?
Can you say, with hand on heart,
that they won’t need your smile?

The homeless on the sodden streets,
of cities where you live.
Would it be a mortal sin,
to share what you can give. 

I know we’re tied by Covid,
and Christmas rules for all.
But did you think about the rules,
when shopping at that mall?

I do not wish to dampen,
a time already fraught.
But let’s be kind and try to help;
it’s Christmas after all. 

And now my plea is over,
I’ll leave you to your cheer. 
A Merry Christmas one and all. 
A happy, safe, New Year. 

P. A. Davies 2020

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