Locked down

Locked Down

Locked down

Locked down

Once upon a dreadful time,
when we were getting by just fine,
there came along a deadly strain.
Coronavirus was its name.

The era of a new unknown,
with people urged to stay at home.
Yet rules were vague on what to do,
and so the death toll quickly grew.

Lockdown One was hit and miss:
“You can’t do that, you can do this.”
“Visit friends but not your kin.”
“Stay indoors, if that’s your thing.”

Some believed they were immune.
Protest marches made the news.
“We have our rights. We won’t comply”.
Surprise surprise, a death toll high.

What made these people walk the streets?
Was it the lack of clarity?
Or did they dread the sacrifice,
of living claustrophobic lives?

Now, something has occurred to me,
as we come out of lockdown three.
That those who followed all advice –
and stayed indoors to save a life –
seem stricken by a new found fear,
of going out to find some cheer.

Some have told me what they feel,
and how it all seems so surreal,
that they are now allowed to roam,
outside the sanctuary of their homes.

Wary, nervous, sweating palms,
a worry that they’ll come to harm.
It’s like their minds have built a wall,
to harbour agoraphobic pall.

Let’s not forget or put aside,
the consequences of these times.
It’s more than death the virus dealt.
It’s jeopardised our mental health

It might take time for some to train, the muscle memory of their brains,
and try to realign their thoughts,
from all the angst that lockdown brought.

So if you feel you cannot cope,
have lost belief in words of hope,
just know that you are not alone,
and better days are heading home.

For freedom’s knocking on our door,
and soon we’ll fear this strain no more.
We’ll build a life of better times,
a world that’s safe for all mankind.

But when this wave is far behind,
and once again, we’re doing fine,
we will recall with ne’er a smile,
how we were locked down for a while.

Stay safe.

P. A. Davies 2021

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