A few love poems.

On Valentine’s Day just gone, I was invited to be a guest on a local radio station – Radio Alty – and in particular, on a segment called The Late Late Lunch show with Rod Maxwell.

My brief – as an author – was simple. Write a few love poems and read them out, live on air.

So, two days before the show, I put on my romantic head and came up with some that I would like to share with you today. They are what I call “Valentine’s cards poems” – short (ish) and to the point – but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Of course, any thoughts you have on them – or any comments in general – would be welcomed; as much as an open log fire would welcome you when stepping in from the snowy outdoors.

Thanks for reading.


Poems of love by P. A. Davies 2022

Love Sick.

My head is in a dizzy spin

My breath has gone away

My heart beats like a speeding train

Not only for a day.

My tummy’s catching butterflies

My face a constant smile

Cos from the moment we first met

I’ve loved you all the while.


How sure is my love?

As sure the sunrise from the west.

As sure the star-lit skies.

As sure the moon will show her face.

You’ll be my Valentine.

As sure the spring makes flowers bloom.

As sure the sea has tides.

As sure the heavens meet the earth.

I’ll love you till I die.



If I lit a candle

each second of time

that I thought about you

and felt myself smile.

Then all of the flames

from those candles would be

a light in the sky

for the whole world to see.


The sum of all parts.

Roses aren’t always the colour of red,

Violets are not always blue.

And Valentine’s verses can never describe,

the love that my heart holds for you.

Without you I was but a fraction of me,

subtracted, divided in two.

But now you complete me in so many ways.

The best part of my life is you.



You are my sun

You are my rain

You are my need

To breathe each day

You are my soul

You are my heart

You are my light

When times are dark

You are my guide

You are my truth

You are my strength

My weakness too

You are my hopes

You are my dreams

You are my one

My everything.



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