Days of Spring

Days of Spring

Days of Spring

Wakey wakey sleepy head,
it’s time to do your thing.
Stretch those arms and show yourself,
for now the time is Spring.

The winter ice has bid farewell,
the sun is shining through.
Go tell the blossom on the trees,
there’s work for them to do.

Spread the news to all your friends –
the Rabbits, Moles and Shrews –
and whisper to the whispering grass,
that all the sky is blue.

Tell them of the daffodils,
and how the blackbirds sing.
How tulips and the snowdrops dance,
when e’er the bluebells ring.

Go forage in the foliage.
Go drink from crystal streams.
Go bask yourself beneath the sun.
Go see the honey bees.

Watch how gentle butterflies,
flit amongst the trees.
Taste the scent of forest fruits,
that’s riding on the breeze.

So, come out Mister Hedgehog,
you can not sleep all year.
It’s time to leave your burrow now,
For days of Spring are here.

P. A. Davies 2022

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