Do you?

Do You?

Do you?

Do you?

When you hear all the echoes of silence,
and there’s nothing but darkness within. 
When the weight of the world seems eternally yours,
do you think that it’s time to give in?

When it feels like you’ve lost all your passion, 
in a maze full of shadow and doubt. 
When your reasoning wanes and your sanity frays,
do you lose faith to figure it out?

When life only seems an uncountable noun,
and adjectives mold a dark view. 
Of meaningless, pointless and desperate thoughts,
do you dwell on the wrong thing to do?

But think.

Will the world keep on spinning without you?
Will the plight of the needy be cured?
Will anything change bar eventuate grief?
Tell me now; do you care anymore?

Do you fight?
Do you cry?
Do you scream? 
Do you try, to put all the pieces in place? 
Does the future seem bleak?
Do you feel that you’re weak?
When you can’t put a smile on your face.

Those days when you feel you are broken?
Those times you’re consumed by the blue?
Don’t feel you’re alone.
You’re not on your own.
For those are the things I feel too.

So try this. 

Call upon all of your memories.
The ones that were cast from your joy. 
Chase them, embrace them and take back the light.
Then show all your demons the door.

Recount all the days of your happy.
Banish those chains of dismay.
Breakout and reach out, then shout out with might…

“It’s okay not to be so okay!”


P.A.Davies 2020

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