The darkest place, a cold embrace
erase the smile from off my face.
Another day is drawn away
the nights close in to isolate.

Calm I felt begins to melt
beneath the shroud of misery’s pelt.
Losing track with no way back
consumed by all this crushing black.

I breathe through silt of pain and guilt
my thoughts of joy begin to wilt.
Grasp at straws, no open doors
I’ll leave this world without a pause.

So lay me down beneath the ground
where light is lost and silence found.
To rest in peace that piece of me
that cannot find the rest it seeks.

Falling, calling silent pleas
no one sees me on my knees.
Mask the pain, for what is gained
by sharing what they think is feigned?

I can’t reveal the ill I feel
yet you assume it isn’t real.
As you can’t see what lies within
no fractured bones nor loss of limb.

No wounded flesh no cuts to see
to satisfy your disbelief
that something more than visual ails
could take the wind from out my sails.

I will not brake until I break
the chains my mind seems keen to make.
Holding fast the real me
inside this strange reality.

I will fight to find the light
beyond my dark and stormy plight.
And from the ashes I will rise
free to live … to love … to fly.

P. A. Davies 2019

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