Rocket ship

Rocket ship

Rocket ship

Rocket ship

I want to build a rocket ship,
to fly me to the moon.
I want to sit and watch the Earth,
and work out what to do.

I want to find solutions,
to end the senseless wars.
Where nations have no real sense,
of what they’re fighting for.

I want to end the hunger,
the poverty, the fear.
Embrace the lonely and the lost
and wipe away their tears.

                                                                                    I want to save the children,
who live in misery.
Victims of abuse and pain
and dread that shouldn’t be.

I want to see a change of heart,
in every race alive.
Without a shift in attitudes,
our planet won’t survive.

One God? No God? Sci-fi muse?
Whatever is believed.
I wish the world would focus on,
the great we can achieve.

Let unity become our goal.
Let’s find another way,
to share the joys of Mother Earth,
not squander them away.

Keep hatred under lock and key,
put prejudice away.
The right to life is not a right
to take a life away.

This rhyme might seem like fantasy,
a dream that won’t come true,
but if we can not live in hope,
what else are we to do?

Some day I’ll build a rocket ship,
to fly me to the moon,
and look down on a better world.
I hope that day comes soon.

P. A. Davies 2021


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