“Rain, rain, go away!”

I’ve heard so many people say.

But malice clouds that won’t be told,

Do spit at us a liquid cold.


As thunder roars and lightning strikes

The darkest skies do come alight.

And heaven throws its sodden darts

To drench our bones and chill our hearts.


The rivers swell, the houses shake

And age-old trees do bend and break.

For I have seen the great oaks fall

When bitten by the Devil’s fork.


Another flash of blinding light

Makes silhouettes against the night.

And then, as if the sky were torn

The thunder sounds its angry groan.


And children weep and hide in fear

Afraid that demons will appear.

For on these nights, they have been told

The Bogeyman will claim their souls.


When it seems its work is done

And prayer has helped the best it can.

The angry beast will move away

But lie in wait for other days.





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