The Salesman

The Salesman

The Salesman


Good day Sir, can I help you?

Or are you looking round?

This one is all the rage Sir.

It’s only ninety pounds.


May I make one suggestion?

I feel that’s much too small.

I think Sir should try this one.

Too bright? Why not at all.


Or maybe Sir likes this one?

It also comes in blue.

Oh marvellous, marvellous choice Sir,

I’ll have it wrapped for you.


And how will Sir make payment?

By bank cheque, cash or card?

Oh, that will do quite nicely.

Thank you Sir … Yes, goodbye!


You know Gerard it’s funny.

Quite startling, when you think.

That a “Lord” like he would want to wear,

A dress in shocking pink!


P.A.Davies 1991



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