Transparent Intent

Transparent intent

Transparent Intent is a poem is dedicated to all those interfering do-gooders whose sole intent is to create discourse in the world. Those that light the fires of uneasy discussion, only to run from the scene when the arguments and damage take hold. Those that purposely spotlight certain groups or individuals – who have, shall we say, uncommon personal preferences – and insist that the majority MUST acquiesce to the minority’s way of thinking and lifestyle. Thus, social frustration and anger is evoked.

This particular poem was construed due to the recent comment by one particular fool who claimed that “Consent must be given by a child to have their nappy changed”.

I kid you not my friends!

I wait for the day when a new born baby actually says: “Certainly Mother. I don’t mind you changing my shitty diaper in the slightest.”

The world … thanks to the airtime and media space given to idiots … has plummeted into a new depth of outstanding madness and stupidity.

With all this in mind, today’s observation is entitled:

Transparent Intent

The world is a changing.
Society’s damned.
Where men think they’re women,
and women, a man.

Confused and uncertain,
not pleased with their skin.
Pronouns are twisted,
to make us fit in.

Rules re-aligned,
to embrace the new phase.
Liberals play mind games,
to justify change.

Freedom of speech,
is no longer in play.
Don’t voice your opinion,
for that’s not okay.

You can’t change a nappy,
without baby’s consent.
Children can’t play,
with a carefree intent.

A parent is loath,
to chastise their own child.
When a smack on the bum,
is considered a crime.

The schools will report them.
The social will call,
to judge and berate them,
and make them feel small.

Is it any wonder why some kids turn out so bad? 🤷🏻‍♂️

And so, to the radicals, the political do-gooders and the activists, I say this.

I don’t give a hoot,
for the things you subscribe.
Each to their own,
and that’s perfectly fine.

But why must I bend
to accommodate you?
Why must I silence
expressing my views?

Why must I be careful,
with things that I say?
I feel so oppressed.
Stop invading my space.

I don’t ask you like me.
I don’t ask you care.
I won’t beg approval,
for things I declare.

I am who I am,
and I’m living MY life.
So don’t force upon me,
what YOU think is right.

We all have opinions,
and choices to make,
so stop mixing bottles,
that manifest hate.

For all you are doing,
is feeding the gloom.
Transparent intent,
to make bitterness loom.

But don’t push too far,
this provocative farce,
for the bear that you poke,
might just bite your Woke arse.

P. A. Davies 2023

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