Where are you now?

I’m normally a man of faith and belief but world events of late make me doubt it.
Thus, this poem was born.

Where are you now?

It tells us in the bible,
and church’s o’er the land,
that God is our protector,
and lends a helping hand

That he is ever watchful;
his power holds no bounds.
And if we keep our faith each day,
he’ll never let us down.

They say the Lord’s forgiving,
and listens when we pray.
If we seek absolution, well,
he’ll not turn us away.

Yet there’s one thing I cannot grasp,
and thus I’ll have my say.
This world is falling far from grace,
so where is he today?

Where is all his love and care,
when death steals innocence,
with earthquakes, floods and massacres,
with plagues and pestilence?

Children suffering cancer.
Babies lost at birth.
War torn countries, killing fields.
Are these not seen as worth?

The future of this earth seems dark,
as shadows cross the land.
So I ask this - if you exist -
where are your helping hands?

We’ve asked of you, our Father.
We’ve got down on our knees.
We’ve called on you for centuries.
Can you not hear our pleas?

It seems you have forsaken us,
just like your only son.
So now would be a perfect time,
to let thy kingdom come.

Guide us to a righteous path,
erase all our mistakes.
Take pity on our foolishness.
Forgive our selfish ways.

For we are walking blind once more,
as darkness mars our sight.
So if you really do exist,
please make this planet right.

P. A. Davies 2023


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