I wanna sing like I’m fronting a rock band.
I wanna dance like a young Fred Astaire. 
I wanna look like a Hollywood film star:
Cary Grant, Jimmy Dean, I don’t care. 

I wanna climb up the world’s highest mountain.
I wanna free jump the Tower in Shanghai. 
I wanna win on the National Lottery, 
just as long as the jackpot is high. 

I need “loves” on my Facebook and Twitter.
Wanna trend like my name’s Doctor Dre.
Wanna be number one, have a place in the sun.
Wanna be what I’m not every day.

Well, I guess that we all have our daydreams,
when we crave so much more than we are. 
But material things won’t define us,
so let’s change the words of this rhyme.  

I wanna shout so that everyone listens. 
I wanna give back before it’s too late. 
I wanna tell all the world’s so called leaders:
put a stop to the wars and the hate. 

I wanna an end to the pain and the suffering,
that so many are feeling today. 
I want the poor to be helped by the billionaires,
and if that sounds too much, then I’ll pray. 

Lord, if you’re up there and listening,
whilst watching your world fall apart,
please help us to find a solution,
and bring back the joy in our hearts. 

For I must implore your benevolence,
to fix what is splintered and torn. 
To reset the rules for this one human race,
with kindness and freedom for all. 

And so …

Next time your yearning for better,
or wannabe friends with the rich,
Go walk with the ones that have nothing at all,
clutching to reasons to live. 

Maybe you’ll ‘get’ my emotions.
Agree that we need some redress. 
So let’s start a buzz, because change starts with us,
and God’s just too busy I guess!

P. A. Davies 2020

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