With love from

With Love From

With love from

With love from

You hold me without even touching my skin. 
Your eyes so hypnotic they’re drawing me in. 

Your smile so enchanting
Your humour a craft. 
The way that your hair falls
The way that you laugh. 

Into my arms, place your head on my chest. 
Hear my heart beating, 
no longer bereft. 
Of feeling the joyful emotion you bring
I’d sing you a love song …
If o’ I could sing. 

Lying beside me, you whisper my name. 
You say that you love me, I mirror the same.
Interlocked fingers, baring our souls. 
Two halves of love now becoming a whole. 

The wondrous stars of a dark cloudless night. 
The rise of the sun showing nature’s delights. 
These things I know are amazing and true
But nothing compares to the beauty of you. 

So here is a promise I need you to hear.
I’ll share my emotions without any fear. 
For you, I will be all the best that I am
I’m here for you always.
With love from
Your  man.

P. A. Davies 2019


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