A letter to God

A letter to God

A letter to God

Please don’t judge the many,
by actions of the few.
Do not think us all of sin,
for most of us are true.

Don’t assume the warlords –
the murderers, the thieves –
represent the way we live,
through their unholy deeds.

Please do not forsake us,
but help us if you can.
For the racist and the fascist,
are not the common man.

The innocence of children,
is tainted by the strife.
So shield them from the suffering,
make their’s a better life.

Stand by us dear Father,
and rid us of this curse.
Where hopes and dreams are cast aside,
to fill a bloated purse.

Help us to remember,
that living isn’t greed.
It’s learning to respect the Earth.
It’s setting people free.

So finally, dear lord above,
I ask but one more thing.
Heal the world of all this pain,
let bell’s of kindness ring.

If you receive this letter,
your empathy’s beseeched.
It’s sent by those who truly wish
a world that’s filled with peace.


P. A. Davies 2022

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