Sing a song

Sing a song

A short poem written in light of the terrible events occurring in Ukraine, entitled:

Sing a song

Sing a song of discord,
a battle in the East.
Four and twenty nations,
sanctions for the beast.
If the beast is tempered,
the world will start to sing:
Oh wasn’t that a clever move to stop the man Putin.

But Putin’s in the Kremlin,
hiding all his dough.
His finger’s on the button,
poised to let nukes go.
Reasoning with Russia,
is nothing but a farce;
you can not reason with a man who clearly is an arse.

Sing a song of crisis,
The catcher in the rye.
Innocence of children,
lost before our eyes.
Helpless to escape this,
Russian war machine.
Oh let us pray that sense prevails to halt these tragic scenes.

Ukraine and all her allies,
will hopefully stop the war.
Though Russia is determined
to break down all the doors.
But when the conflict’s over,
I hope ALL Nations see.
We never should be at a point that threatens world war three.

P. A. Davies 2022.

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