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An Ode to Social Media

Open my laptop and what do I see?
People are sharing their whole lives with me.
Requests to be friends with a friend of my boss,
Random narration of fortune or loss.

Look at my dog, with a bow tie and hat.
Look at the antics of my crazy cat.
Look at this burger that I hope to eat.
Look at the snow that just fell on our street.

Drool at my pint, whilst I sit in this bar.
Watch how I lip sync whilst driving my car.
Feel all my suffering or bask in my glee
Look at my baby who’s just turning three.

Look at my knees whilst I lie in the sun,
Pinned on a map from where I’m checking in.
Update and comment
Like, love or hate.
Try to delete when you know it’s too late.

Proffer opinion or share someone’s thought.
Post dissertations or just keep it short.
Update your status’ five times a day
Look at my pride cos I ran the 10k.

Post from your armchair on series’ well known,
Love island, x-factor, the new Game of Thrones.
Holidays, birthdays, weddings and more.
Invites to pages you’ve not seen before.

But … wait a minute.

Is this the life we are destined to lead,
Eye strain from staring too long at our screens?
Vocal chords silenced, replaced with a text,
Thumbs with no skin on and cricks in our necks?

Let’s take a moment to dwell on our roots,
The days before smartphones controlled what we do.
The times when a friend was a person you knew.
The times when a ‘like’ didn’t mean much to you.

And I say this …

Though social media is destined to stay,
I want to remind you to live for the day.
Have an adventure away from your screen
Look at the world and then go find your dream.

For life can’t be lived through the touch of an app.
A chat room’s no place for an actual chat
So get up and go out if just for a while,
Marvel at nature to bring on a smile.

And now, to conclude, I would just like to say.
That all social media is fine as a play.
Just don’t let the network take over your head,
For there’s no second chance when your status reads … “dead” 😔

P. A. Davies 2018

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