My friends

My Friends

My friends

Lift me up when I fall down.
Catch me if I start to drown.
Find a ray of hope to send.
Where would I be without my friends?

Days when I am feeling low.
Sliding down as bad thoughts grow.
Grip the bleak and make it end.
Where would I be without my friends?

See the darkness, taste the rain.
The sun’s gone down inside my brain.
Make the light shine, ease my pend.
Where would I be without my friends?

Behold my saviours, look and see.
Twenty milli-grams a piece.
Bring me back, repair the seams.
These friends I call Fluoxetine.

Yet to the future I must look.
Reclaim the soul my demons took.
Looking forward, life to wend.
Time to breathe, to make amends.
Fight a fight worth fighting for.
Eradicate and settle scores.
See the light, the tunnel’s end.
No more the need to use my friends.


P.A. Davies 2018


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