M People

M People

M People

Beyond the glass I’m looking through,

People scurry back and to.

Soldier ants that march in line,

Stop for nothing, spare no time.


Ears plugged, iPods, mobile phones.

Circumscribed, recessive clones.

Human vehicles, rolling roads,

Auto pilots, cruise control


Hurry here and make haste there,

Straining from the cross they bear.

Sullen faces hide their best,

Eyes to footpath, chin to chest.


Manchester People, spare some time,

Listen to what I have in mind.

It’s free advice, there is no “sell”

It’s just a thought on which to dwell.


Put the brakes on, slow your pace,

It’s only called “the human race”.

Take a moment, make a pledge.

Change the path you always tread.


Smile at someone passing by,

Lift your head up, face the sky.

Feel the sunshine, taste the rain.

Take a breath and breathe again.


Laugh out loud so people stare,

Dance as though you just don’t care.

Sit and watch the world go by,

Make the most of this, your time.


Become the piper, set the beat.

Be a shepherd not a sheep,

Step back, hold back, think stuff through,

Prioritise the things you do.


Don’t fear trying, don’t fear change,

Don’t fear failing, try again.

Don’t waste time with times of strife,

Above all else, don’t waste your life.


So lift your heads up city folk,

Cast aside your personal yolks.

Embrace your lot, be proud to say …

I took that breath, I breathed again!


P. A. Davies


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