The Impartation

A poem dedicated to my storyteller… always in my heart


I once met a fella,
an old storyteller,
who told me the key to success.
He breathed in my ear
so no one would hear
a secret that he did possess.


And when he was done,
it felt like the sun
was lighting up all of my mind.
“Be fearless,” he said
“Leave nothing unsaid,
be loyal, be honest, be kind.”


“Be true to yourself – but above all else – remember to follow your heart.”
And with that he smiled
through eyes that beguiled,
and left without further impart.


I willed his return,
but by showing concern,
he had done what he needed to do.
So I let him go
and hopefully so,
I will meet him again someday soon.


I opened my eyes,
and to my great surprise,
I didn’t feel solemn or sad.
And whether a dream or vision I’d seen,
I will cherish the words of my dad.


P.A. Davies




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