Why can’t people have their say
and come together for a day,
without the fools whose only thought,
is bragging on the cops they’ve fought. 

Why can’t people air their views
without the actions of a few,
claiming to be part of change,
when violence is their only aim. 

Why can’t people speak their minds,
and pave a way for better times,
without the groups of mindless thugs – intent on marring all that’s good – hiding in the peaceful souls, 
when peace will never be their goal. 

Freedom, change, equality, 
the right to who you want to be. 
Things that should be set in stone,
without the need to fill the roads. 

Black lives matter, that is true,
but I say ALL lives matter too. 
We need to come together whole,
eradicate the pain and woes, of those that need our help the most. 
Let love and caring be our boast. 

Not tweeting who did this or that. 
Not  rising to the media crap. 
Not spoiling for a brutal fight.  
Not judging every cop in sight. 

No heavy handed crowd control.  
No bitter words nor tainted soul. 
No thinking ‘you are less than me’. 
No ‘them and us’ mentality. 

I hope my words are loud and clear,
so you can see the message here?
To harvest change by planting seeds, 
a peaceful protest’s all it needs.  

P. A. Davies 2020

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