The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life.

There are seven key elements to our very being, that the Tree of Life represents: Connection, strength, growth, uniqueness, rebirth, family & tranquility.

My new poem – The Tree of Life – tries to encapsulate all those elements in this, my own interpretation of its magical wonderment.


The Tree of Life

Come stand before the Tree of Life,
to banish all your woeful strife. 
For from its roots connection flows
to breathe new strength into the soul. 

I sense a growth of kismet here, 
a  way to quell my inner fears. 
A warm uniqueness in its calm,
that shelters me from boding harm. 

Branches reaching far and wide,
bearing fruit for all to try. 
A rebirth of the heart and mind,
a place of peace for all mankind. 

There’s no discrimination here,
No prejudice, no need for fear. 
Come black or white, come rich or poor,
the Tree of Life embraces all. 

It welcomes you as family,
lends you sight that you may see,
another path, a better way,
to leave the past and live today. 

So sit beneath this canopy,
a sanctum of tranquility.
Until you see that guiding light,
come shining through your Tree of Life. 

P. A.Davies 2020

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