The meaning of life

THE MEANING OF LIFE: According to me.

The meaning of life … according to me.

When you analyse the reason,
When you sit and think it through,
Our lives have much more meaning,
Than what we all assume.

It’s not about the job, the house, the brand new fancy car,
It’s not about possessions nor
how smartly dressed we are.

It’s not our grades from school that count,
It’s not about promotion.
It’s not a stage for hate or greed
or craving some devotion.

Look around and you will see
A world that’s so enchanted.
Tightly packed with Nature’s gifts,
We often take for granted.

Flowers, sunshine, hills of green,
Seasons of the year.
Rain and snow and wind and ice
Waters crystal clear.

Mountains, rainbows, waterfalls
Wildlife big and small.
Forests, deserts, polar caps,
Let’s wonder at them all.

Barefoot in a meadow,
Through golden fields of corn.
Diamonds made from morning dew,
Weathering a storm.

People laughing, babies born,
Trees with Autumn hues.
Starlit skies and thunder clouds
Oceans glistening blue.

Embrace this day as though your last
Behold the Earth you’re on.
Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed
And yesterday has gone.

Touch it, see it, breathe the air,
A privilege, not a right.
Reach beyond your safe cocoon,
Explore what’s out of sight.

Leave your mark, a legacy
A story to remember.
So when it’s time to meet your God,
You’ll be more than a memory.

But remember …

It isn’t just the visual
that makes a life run true
We need to tweak the actual,
the things we say and do.

It’s sharing, caring, spreading love.
Of joy we need to tell.
Respecting other people
Who walk this world as well.

Degrees are not the things you need
To help your fellow man.
It doesn’t take a millionaire
To lend a helping hand.

A random act of kindness
One selfless deed a day
Helping those less fortunate
To find another way.

And finally …

To end this ode I wish to close
With words from a famous bat.
To those of you that heed these words
I warmly tip my hat.

“It’s not who you are but what you do that defines you!”

La fin

P. A. Davies.

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