Through My Eyes

A marbled mix of grey and green
Oh what sights my eyes have seen.
Cataloguing years gone by
Photos stored within my mind.

And through this gift I came to learn
The pulchritude of this fine Earth.

Rainbow prisms in the sky
Snow-capped mountains stretching high.
Summer sunshine, pouring rain
flowers bloom with life again.
Like a blanket night unfurls
revealing stars that shroud our world.
Babies born and Blackbirds sing
A plethora of wondrous things.

But with this gift, I’ve also seen
what lurks beyond these pleasantries.

The greed of man akin to beast
Third world famine, Western feast.
Senseless wars and needless crime
People wasting precious time.
Hatred flows, an unstemmed bleed
Wounds of colour, sex or creed.
Pain when pain is not the way
Turn our backs, discriminate.

So let us stop and think things through.
Change our paths, try something new.
Look at life with open eyes
the answer’s simple if we try.

Love our friends, embrace our foes.
Come together, share the load.
Stop the killing, find a cure.
In Lennon’s words, “Make love not war.”

A marbled mix of grey and green
So many sights my eyes have seen.
I hope one day ALL eyes will see
A world of joy, a world of peace.

P.A. Davies 2019


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