To all dads … wherever they are.



Dear Dad

I hope that I told you enough that you heard. 
I hope that you knew without hearing the words.
I hope there was never a doubt in your heart,
how much I respected and loved all you are.

You gave me your knowledge, protection and care.
Whenever I fell, you would always be there.
You taught me to love and to hope and to dream.
You showed me belief in the best I could be.

I miss you so dearly and cannot explain,
how much I still bear the incredible pain.
of losing my hero, my mentor, my friend.
I wish we could share but a moment again.

I’ll never forget all the great times we had.
I’m honoured and thankful that you are my dad.
And if you still see me, up there from the clouds,
I pray that I’ve made you incredibly proud … as you did me.

Happy Father’s Day Dad x

P. A. Davies 2023

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