When Sunday was Sunday

When Sunday was Sunday

When Sunday was Sunday

The shops were all shuttered,
with ‘Closed’ on the doors.
A typical Sunday,
before we craved more.

Roads without traffic,
stores without lines.
Lie ins, late breakfasts,
and family time.

Stay in pyjamas,
crash on the couch.
Throw on some wellies,
to take the dog out.

Dads sponge the cars down,
Mums roast the meat.
Church for believers,
who pray for the meek.

No consoles to play on,
no smartphones to use.
No Twitter, no Facebook,
no Instagram news.

Friends at your back door,
go and play out.
True social circles,
without any doubt.

Riding a chopper bike,
building a den.
No Xbox 360 or YouTube back then.

Sunday league football,
kids in the park.
Tend the allotment,
until it went dark.

Nothing on TV before ‘Songs of Praise’,
so let’s play Monopoly,
then watch ‘Howard’s Way’.

[Google it]

When home cooked roast dinners took many an hour,
cos Beefeaters were people that guarded a tower.
No TFI Fridays to carry the load,
no fancy-pant carveries that charge through the nose.


Some say that Sundays were boring and grey,
a prequel to working the very next day.
But my view is simple,
I feel we were blessed.
When Sunday was Sunday;
a day full of rest.

P. A. Davies 2019

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