A chat with the almighty.

A chat with the almighty

A chat with the almighty.

You can send all your rain from the heavens above.
Darken the sky with your clouds.
Shoot down your arrows of lightning bolts.
Play all your thunderclaps loud.

You can cover the Earth with your layers of ice.
Freeze all the streams in their flow.
Block out the sun with impenetrable fog.
Wrap us in blankets of snow.

You can blow your winds over the valleys and hills.
Rip out the trees from the Earth .
Taunt us with earthquakes, tsunamis and floods,
but what are the lessons we’ve learnt?

For though it is written in scriptures and scrolls -
of pestilence, famine and plague -
nobody cares for the warning’s foretold;
but hear me Lord, let me explain.

We’ve built the machines that have poisoned the air,
dumped toxins and waste in the sea.
We took from the land till there’s no more to take.
as it’s all about profit and greed.

We fight with our neighbours in terrible wars,
though we should be fighting for peace.
There’re crimes against colour, religion and creed,
and monsters that pray on the weak.

Nuclear weapons, collected like stamps,
set to be launched in a breath.
Madmen with egos much greater than sense,
obsess o’er that button of death.

So, I say this.

You can pause Armageddon that’s planned for this world,
and hold back your wrath for a spell.
There’s no need to send forth your horsemen right now,
for mankind is destroying itself.

But when we are standing before you, oh Lord,
and judged by the way that we ruled,
have mercy on those who believed in the good,
and didn’t subscribe to the fools.

You can look on the many, so tainted by few.
but they should t suffer the fall.
As for the ones who will make us extinct?
You can damn them to hell,
one and all.

P. A. Davies 2022

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