Hush now baby, do not cry, 
it’s time to let those tears run dry.
For we will be together soon,
as sure in Spring the flowers bloom.

Hush now darling, grieve no more,
life’s too short for you to mourn.
Step outside, embrace the new.
I promise I’ll watch over you.

Hush now, put your trust in me,
you’ll find a better place to be.
Don’t feel guilt, remorse or pain,
just find the light and live again.

Hush now, hush, and walk away,
don’t look back with dark dismay.
For though the living me has passed,
your memories will always last.

Hush now baby, don’t you cry,
the time has come to say goodbye.
But as the love we shared was true,
my soul will always be with you.


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