Money makes the world go round.

money makes the world go round.

Money makes the world go round.

Money makes the world go round,
or so the saying goes.
Yet in this world of zillionaires,
the humane bank is low.

Money makes the world go round,
the nations all declare.
But when will all those cash rich nations,
show us that they care?

Care for the existence,
of other human lives.
Care to show some empathy,
or hear the suffering cry.

What’s the use of all that wealth,
when they can’t put aside,
their thirst for war and greed and hate,
to help mankind survive?

Leaders of the planet Earth,
should bow their heads in shame.
For they should build a world of peace,
not try to shift the blame.

Educate, facilitate,
acceptance is the key.
Don’t let this world discriminate,
‘gainst colour, sex or creed.

Build some bridges, break down walls,
help each other’s woe.
Treat the planet with respect;
our children need a home.

Stop this fight to be the best,
it’s not a competition.
Take some steps to fix our world,
before the world stops spinning.

P. A. Davies 2022

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