Set in stone.

Set in stone

Set in stone is a poem based on a true story and how my parents – as much as they loved and provided for me and my siblings- were never actually able to realise their own dreams … and I know for sure they had them.

I guess it could be said for many parents of that generation but it makes me sad that they didn’t get the opportunity to do what they really wanted to do, especially as they both passed away at a relatively young age.

This one is for my mum and dad, who I love and miss tremendously.

Set in stone

“Sometimes, things are set in stone,”
said the mother to the child.
“And that’s the way it’s always been.”
She added with a smile.

The young boy pondered on her words,
but didn’t understand.
And so he just accepted this,
‘til he became a man.

And then he heard a different phrase,
whilst at his father’s side.
“Son,” he said, with his last breath.
“You’re born, you work, you die!”

And though the young man filled with grief,
then held his father’s hand,
he pondered on those dying words,
and tried to understand.

He spent some time to dwell upon,
advice that he’d been given.
Then asked himself, rhetorically:
“Is life not there is for living?”

And as the young man aged in years,
he learned a thing or two.
He had a daughter of his own,
and told her what he knew.

“The world is such a wondrous place.”
He told her as a child.
“So many things to see and do,
so much to make you smile.”

“There is no need to hesitate,
for time will pass you by.
Don’t think about the ‘whats and ifs’,
just listen to your heart.”

And when the girl grew older,
she acted on those words.
She found the sense to realise,
there’s more to life than work.

And thus both dad and daughter -
each living in the sun -
have made their dreams reality;
they took their chance and won.

And the moral of this story,
is written in two parts.
The first is, be the best you can,
but always trust your heart.

The second part is simple,
despite what you’ve been told.
Go live your life - for come what may-
there’s nothing set in stone.

P. A. Davies 2022

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