The new

The New

Upon these streets of cobble stones,
beneath this sky of blue,
and from the harbour to the hills,
I’m seeing something new.

A change in human attitude,
a shift from darker times.
Where folk who feared the world was doomed,
now flock to warmer climes.

Two years filled with pain and death.
Two years living, lost.
Locked inside a virtual tomb,
with mental health the cost.

But now our steps towards the new,
are turning into leaps.
No mask to shroud a face of fear,
the chains are breaking free.

Let’s mourn the ones who lost their lives,
remember them with love,
but let us build a brighter world,
and keep our spirits up.

For now’s the time to breathe again,
to take life in our stride.
To take a chance and set new goals,
and seize each day with pride.

The virus hasn’t left the Earth,
yet we will not succumb.
We fought the fight and battled hard,
so human life lives on.

This hasn’t been the first outbreak,
it will not be the last.
So let’s embrace our future days,
with lessons from the past.

For this is our beginning,
our time to start the new.
Let’s try to make our days here count
The best that we can do.

P. A. Davies 2022

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